NoTrumpAzon is exactly the same as, except a percentage of your purchase price will go to help campaigns in swing states, and fund organizations that are dedicated to fighting Trump's political agenda.

You can do your regular Amazon shopping, and help #resist.

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Everything else is exactly the same. The price is the same. The Selection is the same. This is just Amazon except you automatically help.

You're probably used to typing in "" to shop. This Chrome Extension is a little reminder that gets installed into your browser. All it does is check in with you to make sure you didn't mean to type in "" when you do. That's all. has systematically identified the elections which are most crucial and flippable/swingable for the upcoming mid-term elections. A portion of the proceeds will be dedicated to the campaigns that they specify.

Planned Parenthood
Because 24 hours after the Women's March Donald Trump placed an executive order which repealed funding from any US agency which offered abortion as a medical pathway to women across the globe.

This will kill thousands of women.

Because on The Holocaust Remembrance day Donald Trump's White House issued a statement that somehow didn't use the word Holocaust or Jew, and also issued an executive order restricting the flight of immigrants -- just like the restrictions which caused the deaths of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust he won't mention.